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The crowd.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Locked in.

I fear
that when I say what I feel
I will be looked at differently
or my feelings were deemed nonsense
or that it is not mutually felt

or that
I will be seen as weak.

I can't afford to be weak.

Life didn't wait
for someone to ask me if I'm okay
or for me to heal
or for my troubles to fade

They will keep on coming.

I am tired.
I am in pain.
I am.. unhappy, admittedly.
Of myself and my shortcomings
and the world and its cruelty.
Enough for me to consider flying away

if you understand.

But no
there is someone out there
a huge group, even
who suffered worst-

so I can't afford to be
a pussy.

I dare not to share my feelings anymore

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Fuhh lama tak bukak page ni.
Sebenarnya tak tau nak letak apa dah.

Tapi baru baru ni
ada follow Twitter account @englishjer
dan ada masa diorang promote satu site ni

Terlintas hati nak hantar karya kat situ hehe.
Actually dah hantar! Haha
Kalau jumpa bagitau titeww yewww hahahaha

Jadi mungkin
blog ni akan jadi tempat
cuba try test
sekadar menaip
apa yang terdengar, terlihat, terasa; lalu terfaham
lalu tercurah semahunya di sini, dan sana.

Takat tu jelah.
Salam Sejahtera.