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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Deep pockets.

I had a rather bad memory with
people with deep pockets.
This is a story that not many knew,
not even one financially-stable friend of mine;
because I judged this person wrongly,
and I felt bad doing so, up to this day.

Let's just say,
this one rich person
made the strongest person I've ever known
broke down and cry.
I was there.
This man.. created a motion picture, in my head
which happened only once;
but it stayed with me for a lifetime.

Being the immature person I was,
I began to hate rich people.
Big time.

And of course, Allah Taala
being wise as He is,
guided me.

Life at university has brought me to befriend
a few who are.. rich.
And.. they're not that bad.
Well there were details, but,
to sum it up, I was proved wrong.

I'm still working on that judgemental part of mine.
I'm trying to believe.
I still encounter a-hole rich people here and there.
Kind of did today, in fact,
at the place where I'm working.
But I'm trying. I want to believe.

It felt good being proved wrong.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What to tell?

Quite frankly
I'm lacking the time and energy to blog.
Even my Tumblr was close to being abandoned.
Twitter stayed active though,
tweeted mostly of the things not worth laughing at, really.

Thought of posting those stuffs here as well, but
we'll see.

There's so much to tell.
The things I learn.
The things I have come to understand.
Maybe even things I can never bring myself to speak out.

Twitter is the closest you'll ever get
to know how things are going at the moment.
Mostly feelings;
so if you don't mind me being emotional so
by all means, read on.

To spill the details.. well.
I can't even speak out. Been that way since.. ever, I guess.
So if I ever talk, I don't need anything else but
just a listener.

Leave it to my brain
to nag at me
of the things I could have done better.

Don't know what else to type about
apart from that, so
Peace be upon you.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


As I look at my (fake) Beats headphone
a memory came to mind.

It was during PC fair, at my campus.
My current headphones - also Beats - is dying
and I was looking for a new one.
My crazy friend, my crazy friend's neighbour - our close friend
our mutual friend, also a close friend
and there's me. Four of us.

The neighbour and I were trying on a few headphones
and my crazy friend saw that,
so he called from afar, 'hoi, minah, sini jap.'
So I did, and later he asked,
'you cari headphone ke?'
Then I said, 'yeah. I punya pun nak jahanam dah, tu yang cari tu.'
Then the neighbour called again
and we're back to trying out one headphones after another.

Long story cut short, I found one that sounded good.
He told me to try it out, so I did.
To test the bass, I plugged it in my phone
and played Hans Zimmer's Dream Is Collapsing
right at the middle, where the climax is building its force.
'How is it?'
'Soooo good. Go on and try it! Put it on.'
He did.
I played the song, at the same part,
and he's wearing the same face like the Obama's not bad meme.
The price is RM48; RM80 if bought two.
'You nak beli ke?'
Seeing that I'm a bit lost, the neighbour
translated, 'dia nak kau belikan untuk dia, sebenarnya.'
Looking at him smiling coyly made me LOL so hard.

But BUT I didn't bring enough money with me!

Well, as it turns out, all four of us wanted that headphone, haha.
Seeing that I didn't have sufficient money,
we agreed on letting them pay for mine
and I'll pay them back.
I was very much thankful. :') Baiknyaaa

So we went back to our rooms with new pair of headphones.
The guys were so excited to plug it in
and play DOTA and Counter Strike. Haha
I was more excited to try on every song with this headphones.

The headphones reminded me of this night.
It was great fun.
My vocabulary is far too limited to describe that night.

I miss them.