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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Am I serious?

There's this guy that everyone loved to hate - he's noisy, he laughs like an idiot, talks like one too, and he has a pride the size of the universe. All things combined equals just how much everyone (including ME) hate him. Hardcore.

It's not exagerration - it's the real shit. :) If you see him for himself, you'll say the same thing.

He flirted with every hot girl he sees - even if she's a senior.

He's the asshole of all assholes.

Ok, enough with the intro. Here comes the story.

He flirted with my classmate. Yes, she's pretty, alright. Right in front of me. The whole time I was like, "what the fuck is this guy doing?"

This girl told me she's a 'target' now, and she's planning to prank him by pretending to be 'some other girl' and SMS him and flirt him. I did that.

Heck, I'm doing that NOW. Only that.. it isn't a prank. Yes, it is for fun - in part. The other part? I'm serious.

I told my friend, D, that he is a huge idiot.. but he is too big an idiot. I've had my fair share of idiotic encounters and they're.. well, stupid.. but this guy.. is a whole new level. We even came up with some scandalous theories like lack of love, divorce, abandonment.. stuffs like that.


But it is for that reason I came up with most troubling question of all..

.. "What makes this guy become the asshole he is today?"

Weird question, I know - but it's only fitting. I've always been interested in Psychology, but I didn't enrol into the course since it's pricey, so I decided to hone my skills in real life, which I enjoy most. I've always wanted to know why people act the way they are, how people become the person we see today, and what has happened to them.. that they just change tremendously.

Those are the questions I wish I could find an answer to.. of this guy. I don't like him - I hate him - but his mismatched behaviour sort of made him.. the perfect lab rat, as you can put it.

As YOU can put it.. not I will (ever) put it.

The curiousity is genuine, and I resolved to not treat people like trash.

This is BY FAR the craziest thing I've ever got myself into.

Damn, am I serious?!