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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just run. I understand. :)

Mother. My mum.

Well, obviously the topic here is about my mum.

I'm not a huge fan of replays - unless it's at the perfect timing and the memory is one I wish could be relived again. Like the PLKN thingy.. or the Sg Dusun Camp. Heheh.. long story. Shh. ;P

And my mum is fond of replays - I'd remember going to bed hearing her talk about.. well, my dad.

She'll talk about dozens of things - how they met, how handsome he were.. she even showed photos.

Now.. maybe it's just me being sensitive, but nowadays I noticed she's being doing pretty much the entire house chores. One time, she tukar tempat perabot in the kitchen and I only found out about it when she's already halfway thru. It's as if.. she's doing all that to keep a clear mind. Like.. to run away from the pain.


It goes to the extend she said, "Sakit pinggang la.." Nicely done, genius.

Maybe it's my fault for not being much help. Oh well..

Take a break, take a breather next time.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obsessed much? XD

Eversince I learned that I can install apps to my phone, my days are passed by either reading an ebook I've just found or play games.. mostly movie-based ones. Speaking of the latter, I'm almost finished with Narnia: Prince Caspian.

The sick part is that I actually Googled mobile cheats for Narnia: Prince Caspian coz I'm stuck at the Dancing Lawn. And I've spent 2 bloody days to finish that game. And I've got time in my hands! =_________="

Alas, I've found the way in. Btw, put the rocks on the 2nd, 4th and 6th. Silly badger for saying '2nd, 12th and 30th pillar'. I knew Maths' common factor studies has something to do with this.. just that I got so malas I decided to just Google it.

Remember, my comrades.. Google is your best friend. XD

Then I played Rock Band [finally passed Everlong's hard stage on bass.. and that's JUST bass] and then Playman Extreme Running.

As of now, I've 51 games in the phone. FOR NOW.

My mum and Proton sis keep saying, 'You're on the phone every day! Don't you get tired?'

Well, I got tired of being bored, so.. *shrugs*

That said, it is now official that I am now obsessed with anything mobile. Themes. Games. Ebook. Now I'm searching for PDF Mobile Reader. Haven't found it yet. Grr..