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Friday, December 24, 2010

.. and now Paramore?

And that.. is a lame intro to the next topic - Paramore. Or as sad people put it.. Paraless. The lengths people would go to let out their frustration.. Paraless.. oh my goodness.. which is sadly true.

 Para-less? Well, Paramore will never be the same after all.

It's official that the skilled Farros have left. One is brilliant drummer who's epic LIVE on stage, and another is an incredible songwriter and guitarist. Go here to see Josh's post and here for the official announcement.

Everything comes to an end. If there's someone to blame on this, it's the old people [who's supposed to help them grow up!] and the management. She dreamed to become an artist. The Farros love making music. Combine these two and you get Paramore, a fanbase that gets bigger thanks to Twilight [dear God...], and a bigger income profit [it fits.. and sounds more sinister.. which fits the true nature of the story] and some cool [read: seller] story.


Back then it was Hayley and only Hayley and a bunch of dudes playing in the background. Then when BNE came out - with Ignorance - and then people found out it's about her being tired of having the spotlight on her all fucking time and the dudes start blaming her for everything and so on. The next thing you know, you go to YouTube, type in Ignorance or any vids off BNE, you find comments 'Paramore is not just Hayley' 'Paramore is [start listing their names]' 'Josh is so hot' [which he is] and stuffs like that. Gosh, LMAO at it all the time.. throwing words around like that like they're nothing is just ridiculous. Some story, don't you think?

Josh doesn't like how it turned out. All he wanted was making music. The man on top went on and make it all commercial with putting her as the star that outshone other people who worked just as hard on the background. I THINK [I'm just assuming so don't troll on me] Hayley liked it initially.. but too much of a good thing is not a good thing, as they say. She grew tired of it. If it's true, then she figured it out a little too late - but she's lucky that the bros stayed to go all out at one last shot with the band. Leaving it all behind JUST LIKE THAT is crazy. BNE is a therapy for them.. and at the end of the day, everyone loves a story of falling down and going back up - it's a seller point, after all. Everybody loves a dose of soap drama in everything.

You know.. if the management wasn't so screwed up, that post where Josh blaming [literally] almost everyone involved in bringing Paramore up there wouldn't exist, a bunch of kids wouldn't have to grow up so fast, and for once, someone [or someband.. whatevs] would be on top just because they're good talents.

And BTW, this comment at Last.fm ruled. :D It's by the user named Dan_Hubble:

" "The singer is always the heart of a band, the other members always come and go. Paramore will be the same with or without Zac and Josh. Josh bitching about Hayley has just made him look like a jealous idiot, if he didn't like the way the band was going he could've left ages ago. " To whoever wrote this, no it isn't, maybe if Hayley wrote all the lyrics and music but she doesn't, certain guitarists and drummers have different styles and things that make them unique so no Paramore will not be the same. Josh wasn't bitching about Hayley, he was just telling his side of the story, and if that isn't the same as the rather robotic statement the band put out then so be it. "if he didn't like the way the band was going he could of left ages ago" Really? Are you that ignorant to think that walking away from a band that big would be a snap decision? Seriously, I thought youtube comments were bad, but Last.fm ones are BY FAR the worst."

That said, I'll still enjoy their music. Good luck for both. I hope the relationship between won't end on a bad note.

Was wondering though.. if those situations really affected them, was there even a friendship?

Johor. :|

Friday has just arrived - it's past midnight. In a couple of days time I'll be leaving for Johor.. a journey in which I hope I'll have His protection until my 3 years are over. I'll be there on my own - simply put, if anything goes wrong there, I have to deal with it on my own. THAT's a challenge I'm actually looking forward to, since I'm dying to know how much I can do on my own in this period of time. I finally got this chance so let's pray I don't screw this up.

Yes, I'm dying to get out of this house and explore! WEEEEEE!

It goes without saying that it'll be tough adjusting to it, but then, I'm sure everyone who will be coming to the campus on the same day as I do felt just as nervous and excited as I am, so I pray that I get to face this with them and get out of it with them as well. In a sense, I'm alone and yet I'm not alone. Okaaayy that's lame..

I don't know how my mum can cope with this, what more with since he 'left' - it'll be hours with the kids all day - and in those hours I can't help but feel that she'll.. well, look back, you know. Not to mention she's kinda jumpy these days. She'll freak out if she couldn't figure out a solution to a small trouble. Just today we got in the car and as she drove out looking for the exit - and couldn't find it - she freaked out. I told her to relax and just keep driving and that she'll find it. That's major, dude. And she went all out worrying about me. Duuuude..

I don't know how my sisters will take care of her - she mentioned she didn't like their attitude at times - somehow, in my eyes, it's like SHE took care of them. She washed their clothes and fold it, feed the kids, cooked dinner, cleaned the house. Can you imagine how fucking tired this old woman is? They paid the bills, alright, there's no denying that. But with all that money.. I THOUGHT they could do so much more. They're not filthy rich.. but still, from my view.. I hate the way things look.

For her sake, I have to adapt to a new environment and take good care of myself, and I'll do it. She doesn't need to waste her time worrying about me - that habit never helped me even for a bit.

As Paramore puts it in Where The Lines Overlap -

"I'm not used to it, but I can learn
There's nothing to it, I've never been happier"

That pretty much sums it up.