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Sunday, June 23, 2013

What to tell?

Quite frankly
I'm lacking the time and energy to blog.
Even my Tumblr was close to being abandoned.
Twitter stayed active though,
tweeted mostly of the things not worth laughing at, really.

Thought of posting those stuffs here as well, but
we'll see.

There's so much to tell.
The things I learn.
The things I have come to understand.
Maybe even things I can never bring myself to speak out.

Twitter is the closest you'll ever get
to know how things are going at the moment.
Mostly feelings;
so if you don't mind me being emotional so
by all means, read on.

To spill the details.. well.
I can't even speak out. Been that way since.. ever, I guess.
So if I ever talk, I don't need anything else but
just a listener.

Leave it to my brain
to nag at me
of the things I could have done better.

Don't know what else to type about
apart from that, so
Peace be upon you.

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