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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Deep pockets.

I had a rather bad memory with
people with deep pockets.
This is a story that not many knew,
not even one financially-stable friend of mine;
because I judged this person wrongly,
and I felt bad doing so, up to this day.

Let's just say,
this one rich person
made the strongest person I've ever known
broke down and cry.
I was there.
This man.. created a motion picture, in my head
which happened only once;
but it stayed with me for a lifetime.

Being the immature person I was,
I began to hate rich people.
Big time.

And of course, Allah Taala
being wise as He is,
guided me.

Life at university has brought me to befriend
a few who are.. rich.
And.. they're not that bad.
Well there were details, but,
to sum it up, I was proved wrong.

I'm still working on that judgemental part of mine.
I'm trying to believe.
I still encounter a-hole rich people here and there.
Kind of did today, in fact,
at the place where I'm working.
But I'm trying. I want to believe.

It felt good being proved wrong.

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