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Thursday, July 15, 2010

PLKN (Ku Berharap)

Call me lame for posting this when it's already over for a month plus now.. but I really miss seeing, talking, and laughing with them so much I just gotta take it outta my chest.

I've got to admit this - I was excited to get into camp. Call me nuts, crazy, retarded even but military-ish life everyday from 6.30 am to 10 pm is nothing... when you're there with your buds. Fine, go on *groan* all you want, but admit it - we all had a blast. Or to some, you WILL.

That's why I was freakin' excited to get into camp - coz I know I'll meet a whole new bunch of people. Despite 3 months dealing with the heat (I could have cussed a lot more if it weren't for the genes - thanx Dad), weird JLs whose minds you just can't comprehend, much less understand, and occasionally sucky food (there, I said it), PLKN is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's like I've been reborn.

Scratch that last sentence. it's pure bliss with friends.. but for the entire period we felt like we're the target of a mass murder, but they failed, so they tried it again and again for 3 months. when they finally go, 'oh these wankers just don't die!' they make us pack our stuffs and get out.. and then bring in another bunch of teenagers and try to kill them again.. to see if it works this time. So we suffer with our friends. That's why it's so unforgettable. Because we all hate the same things. Hahah. Ok, anyways..

I've made friends, sure. Some still stick with me to this day thanx to mobile phones and MukaBuku.

Then, I've come to understand a culture bit by bit. Why that is that, this is this and the like.

And the things we do - handling Colt M16, flying fox (I went 'woohoo!' up there, wonder if anyone ever heard that), kayak, gosh.. they were awesome.

Yes, it is still the best thing that's ever happened to me.

We have
- slept in the same dorm.
- ate nearly 6 times a day at the same table.
- taking sick, crazy photos every weekend or even activities.
- met buds on weekdays in PK and KN classes and go 'are you sleepy? me too, man' to the person next to you.

All these for 3 straight months. I smiled wide ear to ear and laugh till I make no sound hundreds of times in there. It's a whole new level of bonding.

To you guys who went pale-faced when you received The Letter To PLKN, here's one simple rule of thumb that'll keep you 'alive', so to speak -

Change That Mindset.

Honest. Just think about it, when you dread it, you'll ruin all the fun. Just enjoy everything. Take part into as many things as you can. When you enjoy everything, you'll weep when the 3 months is over coz you had too much fun.. but later laugh back at the memories you had back there. You won't leave that place empty-handed. Trust me, I was there. ;)
Just follow all the rules, and when in doubt, ask. And then when they're in doubt when you ask them when you're in doubt, by all means, just cuss for your own sanity. That's how I survived the camp. :p

Oh, the title? Heheh, the song Suara (Ku Berharap) by Hijau Daun was a hit at my camp. People sing it EVERYWHERE. Along with Wonder Girls' Nobody, Nobody.. and some guy got famous coz he's danced to that tune, LOL XD

In PLKN, make yourself some saccharine sweet memories. Then you'll begin to enjoy every moment of it.

2 hello(s):

Josey said...

Agreed PLKN was the best yet worst time of my life.. it's bad cuz it was really taxing..... but friends made it all worthwhile. Btw.. ehy how come I've not heard of the song Ku Berharap? o.O i know the nobody song was famous la... LOL I know the famous guy!! Lawrence hahaha owh wait and Rizal!!! XD miss them both and their funny whackyness *sigh* those were the days...

MidNight said...

u nvr heard of the song? hey, think last day, june 10th. u kno there's this one perfomance where hanis says 'ouch' wen the gurl plucked the leaf out of his hands? yes, that one. they sang, remmbr? ok, dat song. remmbr the guys go, 'suara.. dgrkanlah aku, apa khabarnya pujaan hatiku..' that is the song!