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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It hit me, rather hard
that happiness is a rare luxury.

For a while you will be happy; and then

And often, you won't leave,
you will hover on that problem
until you actually learn something
and move on.

Just how often do we learn
without getting hurt?

That's life's unspoken rule for you.

If that's the case then..
I will pray for happiness no more.

I will ask for
love, wisdom and courage
and a firm faith to sustain all three.

I am no longer sure if my heart could go through
one sad reality after another;
my heart is slowly wearing out.

"Don't try to be heartless
but try to use your heart less," you said.
I'm sorry, love..
I figured that out too late.

I wish I knew
what keeps me sad though.
It may either be that reality is really just a sad thing..
or that it is just me, looking at life at a wrong angle.

If it is the former, then I hope for a strong heart and mind.
If, however, it is the latter..
then I must begin looking for hope, I guess.

Where do I begin, I wonder..

Since when have I become so afraid of being happy?
I can't stay this way forever, right?

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