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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The fight for you is all I've ever known - a homesick post.

Sorry, Ma. Not this week. Cancel plan. :)
(pdhal die yg beriya2, terhegeh2 nk balik)
Ade meeting. And a few other things.
Please, PLEASE take care of yourself there.

(deep down sebenanye berharap sejarah xkan berulang lagi.. Ya Allah jagelah die sementare aku di sini)

But yeah, I miss home.

I miss my family.. however sick I am with them sometimes. :p
< My father, a soldier, my (smiling) hero. :) >

My mum. For eternity, and to the infinity.

I miss hanging out with my neighbour/classmate/pren, Sabbie!
Tgk wayang smpai lebam, makan McD, then soggip2 sket.. all that. :)))

The truth is.. I just miss being normal.
Being me. Just for a day.
Not having to think about assignments, duties, and side problems yg sebok2 je dtg dlm idop aku..

Just me and some time alone, maybe.
Just some time to breathe.

Dear Home, please wait for me.
And pray that I'll reach there safely.
One day, amiin.

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