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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My dearest.


I just want to tell you I miss you so much.
And that I wish I could ask you how to deal with this new life..

 .. starting by how to shine my boots. :D

You were in army, so it's only natural I should ask you.
And your boots are shiny. :)

Where it all started.
Yes. My father looks so handsome in that uniform. :)))

Mama showed me the card you gave her.
 Such charming words. XD
I remember the last line.

"You are the first lady I have ever said.. I love you."

 Smooth, Pa. Real smooth. :)))

And you stay true to it - you loved her till your last breath.
She may not show it - but she misses you dearly.

Maybe more than my sisters and I do. Only God knows.

Being a commander reminds me of you everyday.
Every.. single.. day.
Everytime my eyes fell on those boots,
I'll imagine myself shining them with you.
With your (patient) help and guidance.

Dear Father, June 2nd marks the first year of your departure.
There were 2 things that happened that day that made me think of you.
The BEL lecturer complimented me for my English.
(this.. I owe you for the rest of my life.)
And a friend said I look a lot more like you than Ma.
(same EPL team, same taste in food, same preference for uniforms.. mmg anak ayah aku ni.)

Dearest father.. I love you.

I hope and pray.. if I ever fall in love, he'll be just like you.

Al-Fatihah. :)

(P. S. my friend said Hi. He's really crazy. But he's great.)

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awww :')