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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Without you, I am nothing. (a tribute)

(inspired by Mitch Albom's For One More Day)
the book is a must-read. I have a copy I borrowed from the library. Nak pinjam?
Bgtau :)


Meet my mum, Rokiah Arsad.


That's her - my mother.

If I list all the things she had done for me, it'll take many MANY posts to tell it all.
But I'll tell you just a few of what I remember till now
some of which she had done during my time here in this campus.

it was one day after Raya.
This is what happened on the eve of the day we went home to Selangor.
We were tired and still quite hungry
so my 3rd sister asked
"nak makan mane?"
I bluntly said KFC. :p
My sisters went, "KFC? Ceh."
Wasn't offended, wasn't bothered. Adults.
Around a couple of days later, after visiting his grave
my mum asked me to accompany her to buy carpet.
I'm like, "sure."
After she bought it, she went, "alaaa cite Mama nak start la kejap lagi.
Nak makan KFC tak?"
I was shocked. I protested, "xpe la. Kite balik je la, nanti Mama miss cite Mama."
But she walked on ahead, ignoring my protest.
"mane la KFC Mama nampak tadi.."
Ah well, looks like she won't take no for an answer, isn't she?

On the day I went to the campus after spending 2 days at home
We dropped by at Nagoya. Not my favourite place in the world..
since shopping isn't my favourite past-time.
Then I saw kain polka-dot. Various pretty colours, with white dots. Very, very nice.
"Ma, lawa laaa!"
My mum replied, "Eee! Polka dot?"
I lamented, "lawa laaa. Lagipun cotton ni Ma. Boleh pakai nak pegi klas nanti."
"Hmmph. Yelaaa."
Days pass.
A phone call, few days before IMS dinner.
"Noor, Mama jumpe baju polka-dot. Ma tau Noor nak kan? Kaler kuning lawa.
50 ringgit je. Stock clearance. Nanti Ma mintak Akak anta MMS."
In my mind, "wiuwiuWEEE~"
-sayang baju ni-

The one I remembered the most, up until now (get ready, it's long)
is when I told her, "Mum, I couldn't take this anymore, this is stupid.
I think I want to quit this."
That day was the last day of Part 1 KO, as well as the night of Charlie dinner.
I was with my DBSt friend. And.. we're both sick, actually.
He said, "jom ambik MC."
I was puzzled. To take or not to take?
It's the last day. But then if I go, I won't be much help either, what more with my condition.
So after an hour of thinking, I said, "jom."
He said that we'll go to the library afterwards, to which I'm fine with.
And so there we went. I have 2 papers the next day so I thought I better study a bit.
Until this one Part 3 commander came along. WITH HER BOYFRIEND. Bajet gah la kau.
Mentang2 la ade jantan sebelah kau. Aku ade jantan sebelah aku pun x gelabah macam kau, sialll
This is how it went down.
"x pegi KO ke?" "tak." "Nape?" "MC."
My friend overheard her said, "MC. Tapi lepak kat library."
When he told me about it, I was pissed. Very pissed, that he had to calm me down.
The girl has a nasty mouth to begin with so, you can imagine what she'll say to the other commanders. Stoopid beetch.
I called my mother, with the sole purpose of cooling myself down.
That's when I told her I thought about quitting.
So, what did she said?
"ade bodoh jugak diorang ni ea. Mentang2 la ade laki die.
Kalau dah teruk sangat sampai macam tu, benti je.
Ko datang situ pun nak blaja.
If I have to, I WILL PULL YOU OUT OF THERE. Cakap je bile."
My friend witnessed everything.. and he mouthed "I told you so" almost everytime. XD
Even as I was talking to her.. I wrote on my revision paper, so that he could read
'without her, I am nothing'.
He smiled in agreement and amusement.
So in a way, she's WAITING.

As proud as she was on this day
I realized she's more concerned about me.

This.. is what I want. The love that lasts forever. Dear God, hear my prayer..
(sumpah x kenal makcik tuh. hahah)

Dear mother, without you
I am nothing.

Lapangkanlah dadanya
Teguhkanlah imannya, teguhkanlah kesabarannya
Kurniakanlah ke atasnya kebahagiaan dan keberkatan
Murahkanlah rezekinya biar sampai tak putus2.
Jagalah kesihatannya dan juga keselamatannya
Dan sentiasalah Kau gerakkan hatinya
untuk beribadah kepadaMu dan mengingatiMu. Amiiiin

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