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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I love you bertubi tubi, Avengers.

I don't always (never, actually) post about a movie;
but when I do,
it's just so awesome, I nearly got a heart attack.

Saya bangga dengan wallpaper henpon saya.

Yesterday, my sister treated me to this movie.. in 3D.
Gaaaaahh ok usually I don't get super excited about a movie, 3D or not.
But this movie is really worth every penny.
Tak rugi tambah beberapa hengget extra tengok ni in 3D.

I was there for Thor, actually. I like Thor, sangat hot okay. Gahahah
He moves to places by way of thunderrrr.
He fights using the power of the thunderrrr.
But mostly because he's freakishly tall (191cm) and hot.
But by the end of the movie
I liked everyone - even Loki the bada^^ villain.

His strength is not as massive as Thor's
but he has a way of tricking - and charming people - to do what he wants.
Basically, an ability to control the mind.
And the character
Tortured, conceited, calm, isolated, overshadowed
makes it even more devilish yet endearing at the same time.
A sibling rivalry and a thirst to prove his worth
could cause so much.

And oh, Captain America. Those muscles, ohmaiiii
Errr, he's too perfect, ai kud daiiii XD
Ok, he's handsome, strong, sensitive, and
he has the old-fashioned values!
Ok guys like this are getting extinct - watch it, not bashing guys here. :D

And Hulk. A Stephen Hawking-level genius.
So mild mannered.
But extremely epic when he blows up. Hardcore.
If you haven't watched this movie
you'll never get to see how he asks Loki to.. shut up.
You're missing out.

Iron Man.
Dude, there's two movies.
I'm not a comic geek, but if you don't know this guy yet
Wiki him!
This man is an egoistic, narcissistic genius
combined with the charm and a rather wicked humour.
But in all that, he's reserved and he's real nasty when things get personal.

And now the pair of stealthy assassins
Hawkeye and Black Widow.
Hawkeye, as the character describes himself
is better at seeing things at distance.
Shoots people with arrows. Albeit limited
he's damn good at it. Kau hado? Heheh

And then there's Black Widow.
Argh damn guys would be gawking at her. XD
The best scenes of her always, always involves her
beating people up.
Super flexible, super skilled, super awesome :D
Not sure if they're close buddies
or someone just got friendzoned.
Well, she said love is for kids. Hmm.

Everyone in the movie - yes, even Loki
is great, I really don't know which one to like.
But if I were to have an ability
I'd have Black Widow's - it's super convenient and practical :D

All in all
if you're not watching this yet
you're seriously missing out.

Dengan itu diminta jasa baik warga UiTM
tolong download movie ni
HD eh, HD. Eheheh

2 hello(s):

Nafisah Ruslan said...

avengers mmg the best! even dah tgok 2x pun still syok lagi :)

Charlie's Angel said...

kan kan kan! rase nak tengok lagi je! tunggu DVD kuar dulu :D