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Monday, April 30, 2012

What could have been.

is not just my eldest sister's birthday
but also
my parents' anniversary.

"Tak perlu la wish, sedih nanti."
That's what she said.
And I said nothing.

Mama I want him home..
Mama I still cry..
Mama why is he gone before he could see me off to college?
Mama will he approve of my husband-to-be?
Mama he's not here; which man will protect me?
Mama why is it too soon..

Well, Ma
happy anniversary.

4 hello(s):

Anonymous said...

ketentuan Allah. bersabar je la. dia sentiasa ada didalam hati. :)

Charlie's Angel said...

insyaAllah :)

Nafisah Ruslan said...

sabar ye.. :)
happy anniversary too..

Charlie's Angel said...

insyaAllah.. thanks :D