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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Simpler things in life: hobbies.

When I was younger
I would watch animes.
Gensomaden Saiyuki, Ayashi no Ceres, Slamdunk
are a few animes I've watched.
I started drawing eversince I watched Saiyuki
remember the days when AXN would air the animes?

So eversince that fascination of anime came up
I started drawing furiously.
Like, everyday.
It's like, if there's a paper and a pen in sight
Good thing I didn't draw on walls.
Dad would have been furious.

Unfortunately, I drew less and less
by the time I entered college.
From studying to assignments to socializing
everything is done on the laptop.
Better-paid kids would do all that on tabs and stuff.

There were a couple of things that happened
that got me pondering on this matter.
Few days back, my mum called her family in Sibu.
She told me that my cousin - she's in primary
has been drawing endlessly.
I was the reason she - and possibly her siblings - started to draw.
Everytime we go to Sibu, we'll look for papers
borrow pencils and colour pencils, and just draw.
Then it hit me - they still draw and I don't. Damn.

And today, barely hours ago
mum watched vids on YouTube
while I tweet/post/tumblring.
My sister then came back from.. God knows where
and went upstairs and change
and came down with her iPad.

So there we were
mum on her netbook
sister on iPad
and me with my laptop
in the living room, TV ignored completely.

I miss the innocent days
where I would draw, draw and draw
every minute, every hour, every day.
It's one of the traditional past times.
I read too.

I have no right to say that I'm different
people on fb and Twitter would know
just how often I update stuffs.

I miss the simpler things in life
where you don't have to worry about your phone
those endless texts and tasks and alarms
or doing assignments
where everything is from Google and Wikipedia.
People say Wikipedia is not really reliable
but dude, please
as long as the assignment is done
nobody gives a damn.

And, one day, insyaAllah
perhaps, I would consider walking at the streets
any street, and gaze at the collision of cultures and personalities
in the city.

They fascinate me as much as they puzzle me.

On this melancholic note
I'll stop here
and read the books I've been abandoning
for longer than I remember.

Feed your soul.
Nurture yourself.

4 hello(s):

Anonymous said...

aku suka naruto!

awesome, Charlie. said...

hahahahah xsangka aku ko tengok Naruto. hahaha XD

AidaIdani said...

sayang dont worry,cuti kan 2 months,why dun u start drawing again,random drawing will do to relieve stress =D

awesome, Charlie. said...

hahahah, i'm considering that :)