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Monday, April 2, 2012

Forget everything I'm going to say.

I can see
how broken you are.
I can see
how distant you are from your mother
and how close you are to your father.
how alone you feel
and just how happy you are
when we are together.

He can see
that you were in so much pain
you lose your senses.
He can see
not everyone had it easy like he did.
He can see
that he doesn't see, or understand everything.
But he tried. He tried.

He can see
the right time to make a stupid joke
He can see
fun in the most mundane things
He can see
when something gets serious
and he'll start being serious, and will try to give his say.

We knew, you know.

You've held it within you for far too long.

I knew. Right on the first day.
Your face said it all.
One test. One invitation.
And just one response from you.
And there, I was right.

I have no intent
to make you stay, nor am I sure that I will stay.
I've seen too many departures
that in the end, I really just don't care
if anyone leaves
no matter how dear that person is to me.

It would suffice
that you, them, or anyone
will never EVER feel
the pain/sorrow/anger I've felt before.
Just no.

Your sorrow is my sorrow.
Your happiness is my happiness.

I can see
how you looked up to us.
I don't know how have I helped you
or how he did
But please remember this
we're not angels - we are merely humans.

Prone to mistakes.
Enchanted by temptations.
Worn out by despair.

Remember that He'll be watching.
Know that we'll be around.
We'll be glad to help you.

But if I have to choose
I want to set you free
just let you roam, sail through your life
fight the high tides with your own wits and faith.

You will lose us, someday
one way or another.
But don't lose youself.
Push yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself.
You've held your own, and came this far
so I know you can pull through this. Trust me.
Be strong.

Now forget everything you just read

2 hello(s):

AidaIdani said...

i'll keep that in my mind, =D

awesome, Charlie. said...

you better be. ;)