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Monday, December 31, 2012

'I am grateful.'

I am grateful that I have to deal with a complicated person like you
it reminds me that not all souls have it easy
and that what is a given to one person, may be a rare privilege for another.

I am grateful that I have to deal with a person who is cold but courteous like you
it teaches me that while first impressions last,
perceptions are always faulty; and often, we have to dig deeper to know better.

I am grateful that I have to deal with a lovesick puppy
it teaches me how much change love could bring to someone,
a change that surprises even me.

I am grateful for having to deal with problems like all of you
it serves as a reminder
what a brilliantly lucky asshole I am.

To face it is often easier said than done.
However, if words muttered are indeed a prayer,
perhaps a simple "I believe" could bring a small change.
"I believe I am strong."
"I believe I am not alone."
"I believe I am ready."
Small, but a change nonetheless.

It is something that even I find hard to follow at times,
but I guess it is worth the try; so I hope you will try it with me.

Be careful with what you believe yourself to be,
it might just become you; so make it a good one.

Indeed, you are what you think you are.

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