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Saturday, December 1, 2012

To my former dearest,

your text telling me that you're in town
quite surprised me.
Too bad I'll be off to campus this morning.
But thanks anyway for remembering to tell me.

And then you talked about her.
*rolls eyes*
man, you are quite smitten, aren't you?

I was just joking, you know
about making up false epic stories of you
so that she'll consider on starting things with you.
And then you went,
"no need, just tell her what she needs to know.

I know I've been bad to you.
I'm giving you the license to tell her about me."

I didn't know what to think.
But I knew you. I saw you.
Therefore I choose to trust you.

Hey, look
it's true. You've hurt me more than you ever know.
I have been in pain, but this is the worst, because I trusted you.

But in the time we spent to know each other
I found that you do have some good in you.
You are honest, and I need that. Well, we all do.
You just suck horribly at the manners at being honest, that's all.
But honest, nonetheless.
And you do care.
And for that, thank you.

Well technically you're close to perfect.
Except you suck at manners.

Doesn't matter.
The way I see it, it's what inside of you that matters.
Your routine habits, how you talk, those things don't matter to me.
I only care about what you stand for, whether or not you care,
everything that is in your heart.
That's why I stood by you, despite everything.

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

I can't change their opinions on you.
I can't tell them to observe like I do.
I can't tell them to look at things the way I do.
I can't tell them to put aside what you did to me.
I can't tell them to try to look at you the way I look at you.
They still couldn't forgive you for what you did to me, and I understand.

We all agree to disagree, and that's fine.

I only wish, that you will take care of her like how you always did to me
and not hurt her like you did to me.

She is still so very young, naive, and timid.
Please take care of my junior - my sister.
I'm gambling everything here.
Don't disappoint me.

I give you my permission
with a silent wish that you will amend your mistakes
through her.

Prove to me
that you are worth that permission.


O Allah, please protect her..

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