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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dead Poets Society.

This is the title of
a 1989 movie
which truly blew my mind away.

From what I understand,
the movie is about
how an English teacher
teaches them way beyond the subject;
he in fact encourages his students to broaden their minds
and to seize the day
and how, in the process,
it affects the lives of five colorful young men, eternally.

Broaden their minds seems to be an understatement
but that will do for now.
No spoilers!

And in another words,
he teaches them how to think
instead of what to think.

Wow I don't remember the last time
I actually cried so hard while watching a movie.
It's amazing to see how, over time, each and everyone changes throughout the movie.

It's one of those movies that
make you go "DAMN" when it's over.
It's just that awesome.
Watch it. Go download a torrent or something.

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