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Monday, November 26, 2012

I don't know.

Well, here goes nothing.

Dear crush, the first time I saw you
I thought you looked like.. a nerd.
You know, like, skema.

Days go by and we just bonded.
Just a typical one.
You talk to me and it just flows from there
and vice versa.

Well, we don't do that much anymore.
It's fine.
Things change, and so did we.
I understand.
And I couldn't care less about what effect these words could bring, anyway.
I just want to say it somewhere
since I can't say it to you.

This may sound so.. weird
but I'm really just too shy to say it to you.
Gosh, this is embarrassing 

I never expect that
will become
who meant so much to me.

It is as if
no matter how many guys I've seen
and how gorgeous their smile is
none of them
could beat yours.

You have the cutest smile I have ever seen
and as soon as I saw it
I am so stunned I just froze
my mind went completely blank
except to say
"damn why are you so cute?"

I don't know how that can happen
much less why.
I really don't know.

How could our hearts
without our knowledge
flew to someone we can never have?

I don't know.

I wish you well.

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