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The crowd.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A random memory.

In a memory so vivid, I remember
a stroll, together.

Maybe, one day, we could go
in the morning, when it is calm and cool.
Or in the evening, with its warmth and peace.
Or perhaps in the night; under the moon and the stars.

Distance will pull us apart,
but time will eventually bring us back together.

However far we may be
even if a few of us may have different time zones than the rest
remember that we still live under the same glorious sky.

And I pray
that He will be looking out for you.

2 hello(s):

Sayidah Nafisah Ruslan said...

tahniah untuk syah.. ehe.. takde kaitan dengan entry pun kan? :p

Charlie's Angel said...

cehh! memain pulak, hahah XD