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The crowd.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

But in time, I will.

 From concrete to trees.
Nothing could be better than that.

Your childhood home.

I remember everything well.

For every time we arrive there
all of you would stay downstairs
while all of us would go upstairs.
All the same people, just different stories.

From children to teenagers
teenagers to young adults
young adults to young parents
and we would still sit before the tube
and troll whatever is on air.
Growing old, but forever young still.

Carrom, TV series, KFC.
The things we do when we were young by age.

And every morning after
Breakfast bought from the markets.

Oh, I remember it well.

Yesterday I looked at him.
The sun shimmered. Such beautiful, peaceful evening it was.
And once more
I saw your smile
on his face.

The same smile
the same wrinkles
the same memories.

Once again, I saw you.
How I missed you, how it hurts, how hollow it made me feel
and surprisingly, how at peace I was when I saw it
and somehow I felt that
wherever you are
you are okay.

I saw those tears again.
Tears of love felt, memories remembered, broken walls.
Once more.

I would walk out, leaving time to dry those tears.
But after a while, I feel stupid.
Tears fade faster when it is wiped away than to be left dry.
Sorrow shared is half the pain.
Happiness shared is a dose doubled.

Too bad I am too greedy to even share

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Sayidah Nafisah Ruslan said...

siapa yang awak tengok ni? :)

Charlie's Angel said...

hahaha, pak cik kita :)