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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Give, doesn't always get.

There are times I would ask myself
Is it worth giving?
You don't always get it back;
in fact, they could
hurt you
abandon you
even forget you
Give, doesn't always get.

I was angry
I was sad
I was in pain
I am still all that

Once, or twice
I did wish I could take your life
I wish I could embrace your neck tightly
and send you to a world
where everything is better than here.
I even wished
I could turn the tides of the ocean
and let it envelop you, like a tsunami,
into complete dissolution.

Give, doesn't always get;
so they hold it in,
hiding behind a practised smile;
they wear a mask.
Such is the act, portrayed by
three of the kindest people I have ever known.
I feel it.

I so wanted to do bad things to you;
until I remembered an advice Mama once said,
'don't do to others whatever shit they do to you.'
It took me years and years,
one life story after another,
to finally understand why.

If I repay to you
the hurtful thing you have done to me
then I am no different than the evil you are.

I was saved
by a mother's advice
and a story of three of my friends, all similar.

It is hard to do. But I want to try.
Rasulullah SAW did that, right?
He was patient - loving and forgiving, in fact - all the way.

May Allah Taala ease everything.

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