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Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh, life.

Most of my free time
were spent on
looking for new songs of all sorts of classes.
Rock, house, instrumentals.
Trying to look for new acts.
Otherwise, I'll just look for movies
or catch up on my reading.

I am now rarely in contact
with my musical advisor, by choice;
therefore the best I could do
is to adopt the method he often used.
In the process, I found few tracks on my own
some few I genuinely like,
unaffected by anyone's judgement; only my own.
I hope to get few recommendations from him every now and then,
but for now, I'll just go to YouTube.

The thing about looking for
one song rather than one whole album is
the keying in of the properties of the mp3 file.
And I never found only one song
- I could come up with over 10 per night,
so imagine the number of tabs I will open
to look for the artist, album, track number, release year, album cover-
I am very particular with these stuffs. Hihi

I feel like I am cataloguing these stuffs.
And Cataloguing is not my best subject, admittedly;
although for a brief while,
it did get my attention.

But hey, painful as the subject may be,
it was memorable.
Doing this again after a long while
brings back fond memories
of the days I kept complaining about this subject
to my friends, every time I meet them.

I suppose my friends are doing great, somewhere.
I'm looking forward to seeing them again.
Every once in a while, they would come in my dreams,
saying they have so much to tell me about.
It's weird, but,
true or not, I'm looking forward to the day
I get to hear their stories.
I have always loved hearing stories.

Sooner or later,
we'll meet again. Till then,
peace be upon you.

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