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Saturday, February 20, 2010

i'm pretty convinced that the family is sick.

my nephews are such an adorable lot! shame on me fro thinking that a 17-year-old will never entirely have fun in taking care of them. hey, the eldest is chaos itself.. but he still is ADORABLE! xD

the eldest, Zeke, is actually pretty darn smart. he understood everything we said, a quick-learner, and to top it off, he's a great bro to his baby bro. not that he defended him from a bunch of thugs-to-be [yet], it's just that.. he really loved his bro. in most cases, they'll get jealous and everything.

however, his dad, my bro-in-law, is now confirmed as a total asshole. which daddy will cut a baby's pacifier and later tell the kid, "see? you did that"?

when i found that out, i'm divided between to stay quiet about this for my sister's sake.. or to go up to that guy.

God only knows how that kid grew up in their home.. let alone how he'll end up to be.

he used my sister's car to work.. and by the time he refueled it, it's half-empt-

scratch that, my mum drove her car once and it's beyond half-empty. needless to say, my mum was pissed.

one thing that he'll do without fail when he came home [a little word: my parents and i helped to take care of their sons until they get home.. which is my home, and will eventually get to their home around.. after 9] is to read newspapers.

my mum got an idea to hide all newspapers away, figuring he'll never.. how you say it? bond with his sons, because he'll be reading newspapers.

seriously, this sucks. hardcore. of all people he could mess with, he messed with his eldest who's only two years old. TWO FUCKING YEARS OLD.

Dear God, he must rot in hell. he's praying all day and this is how he treated his son, my nephew, my parents' grandchild. he must rot in hell. and please.. protect Zeke's baby brother, Shebby - please, not him too.

i told my mum about it. i told her this guy is sick, and she replied he's a psycho.
when i said his family is a bunch of nutheads, she agreed.
and later added, "i'm done thinking about this. my heart's not that strong to keep up with this."
i told her, "mum, he's 2 right now. and he's learning quickly. if he grows up with a guy like that, he'll stay that way and-"
"let it be. i'm done with him! i didn't even bother talking to him just now. let him taste the fruit of his wrongdoings. his time will come."
i'm not relieved with the reply, but, well.. i don't know any better words to say in return.



want some the fray mp3? :D

twice i witnessed my in-laws came to our home and have a chat, and twice i heard them saying, "he [Zaim] speaks english everytime. 'what's that?' 'wow, train!' 'opah [malay equivalent for grandmother], where are you, opah?'
"he speaks like that all the time and we don't know how to reply! ha ha ha!"
[little more word: in malay community, albeit not entirely, when you speak english fluently, you're either a) a genius or a smart student; or b) you have high standards i.e. rich. it's a sick, stupid, weird, and illogical way of thinking.. but, well, that's how it is in my experience.]

come on, in studying english, all you need is MTV and another MTV fan or a person who can speak both mother tongue and english, as easily as breathing. you listen to a lot of music, explore new bands, and later.. explore the deeper meanings in their lyrics, you're half-way in mastering english lit. english lit.. meaning jane austen. conan doyle. ANYBODY. that's how i did it! :D
and you can.

FAITH [always] GO A LOOOONG WAY. i learned that from experience, so i'm telling you now.



how about a few paramore mp3? :]

screw anyone who says the band you loved sucks. your ears, your mind, your life. just stay away from black metal at all costs, ok? :D

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