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Friday, February 19, 2010

my thoughts are on..

my mum. my dad. my sisters, one getting married. some time in mid-year.

my parents.. who.. let's just say, prosperity is not on our side right now.
i hope it's just FOR NOW.

my friends who, like me, are on the transition to being young adults.

and me.. who's literally lost. well, i've no job. and i'm dying to get out.

i wonder how the world's REALLY like. some said it's unfair, others.. awesome.

but i wanna judge it for myself. teenagers. being one, i don't know everything.
no matter how much we insist we do - admit it, WE DON'T.

i've read newspapers.. and i wonder, what happened to the world today?

i don't know about you.. but as for me, i just don't know.

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