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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what a day. :D

i had an awesome day.

i just chilled with my friends, and i made a new one!

we ate at Wendy's. actually, we're [that's Sab, my neighborhood/class/work out mate n i] supposed to meet Lela. she was weeping, literally, last week. she was pissed and lost. apparently her best mate played a cruel joke on her - inventing a character who's 'so falling in love' with her. it would have been.. at least, acceptable and potentially easily forgiven if it was done for a short time and she admitted it's a joke [now that i know the whole stuff, i'm beginning to wonder if it is a joke], but well, she didn't.

in fact, it was happening for a loooooong time, and i'm also cheated.

she used 2 cell phone numbers, made her own brother voiced the voice of this so-called admirer, and.. worst yet, Lela is always in constant trouble with her mum, and she's piling it up with THIS.

i'm beginning to feel so sick of having known her. oh, didn't i mention she changed Lela's Facebook password? owhh... God..

the 3 of us, who've been listening to this as if it's a radio soap opera, wondered what has made her to be so sickly inclined to be doing such thing to her friend whose been trusting her with a lot of secrets of her own, sent her to and from the school, and laughed with all the time when they talked about boys. my new-found friend thought she's just friggin' jealous. of WHAT? didn't she have a similar to her?

that sad story aside, New-found and i are always teasing Lela with one guy at work who seemed to be crushing on her. we had fun. xD it was silly fun, i even forgotten what i said when it happened, but all i remembered.. is that i HAD FUN. no less.

we met Lela's sister's ex. it wasn't awkward, partly because Lela was too distracted with New-found and i to even care.

i just hoped Lela will get over this and live a new and better life.. for i think, after all she did to THAT girl and how she was repaid, she do deserve better.

P. S. i sprained my ankle. BADLY. seemed weird when combined with good newly-made acquaintance with New-found, a great laugh, and an internet session. but it's still AWESOME.

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