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Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is us, (almost) every night.

Chipmunk (20), DIIM/4
  • initiates the dinner - unless there's an MU or other derby football matches, then it's Batman
  • buys the drink, orders and brings the food to (almost) everyone.
  • be the butt of jokes.
  • laughs hysterically because of reasons
  • listens when someone's talking because it's fun
  • cheerfully trolls at times because it's fun
  • reads and analyses people because it's interesting.
  • tries to tolerate Batman's mood swings, routine trolls and melancholic attacks
  • suffers mini heart attacks because of Mental's mental antics.
  • listens to Terminator's tales of his girlfriend because it's.. funny
  • puzzled by Batman's infinite support for that guy for 3 semesters straight
  • talks chess, football, movies and music with Batman
  • occasionally the counselor of the party 

Hamster (20 in November) DIIM/4
  • watches Twitter TL.
  • watches people.
  • comes up with questions and stories.
  • cheerfully trolled at, on certain times
  • listens to people talking and probably reading people as well.
  • rejoices when Chipmunk becomes the butt of jokes.
  • puts up with Batman's mood swings.
  • barely finishes food, if anything
  • listens to Terminator's tales of his girlfriend
  • talks current news and human nature with Batman and Chipmunk
  • always the honest one in the party

Batman (19) DBST/3

  • orders HIS drink and food through Chipmunk; because his legs cramped/heavy butt/simply lazy
  • would do anything to get another drink - terrifies Chipmunk by acting like this creature and says, "burupya!" ---> 
  • comes up with the stories - talks almost non-stop - obviously needs someone to talk to (read: let off some steam)
  • talks to his mother on the phone for almost an hour.
  • barely leaves his seat unless when he needs to pee due to constant caffeine consumption
  • when stressed and tired, moody as hell
  • when 'reminiscing', suffers melancholic attacks
  • teases Chipmunk about that guy
  • teases everyone, actually (teasing is an understatement)
  • randomly goes "Oppa Gangnam Style."
  • suffers from insomnia - hence the nickname. wait, also because he loves Batman with a burning passion - sees himself as an 'eccentric billionaire'
  • on the positive side, he cares for his friends and family - a rare kind, almost mutant-like
  • plans how to skip class
  • skips class
  • the baby (because of his demands)/problem solver/literally the walking encyclopedia

Terminator (19 in December) DBS/2
  • talks about his girlfriend.
  • talks TO his girlfriend over the phone.
  • texts his girlfriend and occasionally laughs at the texts
  • watches the TV.
  • asks for at least 2 bucks from Chipmunk on many different occasions to buy fried chicken/chocolate/drinks
  • eats fried chicken
  • eats
  • cheerfully trolls Chipmunk along with Batman because it's fun
  • cheerfully trolls Batman because it's funnier and because he has lived long enough (dah lama hidup)
  • the lovesick nutcase of the party

Mental (18) DBST/1
  • by far the most enthusiastic troll-er of Batman, partly because he is Batman's schoolmate
  • occasionally orders food and drink through Chipmunk because Batman taught him so
  • laughs at Batman
  • tweets and watches the TL
  • laughs at the tweets
  • always on BBM
  • laughs at it as well
  • watches the TV
  • talks about basketball and the campus's team with Batman - they were teammates in school; and a potential recruit to the campus's team
  • looks like a mid 20s young adult due to his height, acts like an 11-year-old
  • when tired/bored/stressed, goes on a mental streak and begins acting hilariously mental
  • he's just mental.
  • if Apple's a teenager, this guy's a kid.

Apple (18 in September) DIIM/1
  • observing her seniors being themselves - possibly terrified and traumatized
  • Batman's friend's chess disciple - potential recruit to the campus's team
  • holds a poker face sometimes
  • rejoices along with Chipmunk when Batman gets trolled at
  • goes hysterical when Mental goes mental
  • puts up with the guys' trolls on her faculty
  • pays attention along with Chipmunk when Batman goes chess mode
  • the teenager of the party.

this is a post, to remember us by.

Good luck in your Finals, you guys

3 hello(s):

Sayidah Nafisah Ruslan said...

how sweet awak ni :)
semoga berkekalan ye.. hehe

Aria Faustine said...

that was so sweet,
ok now i know Mental is Zaim,
i didn't get much chance to know him but i know he is the Mental coz he's part of us.haha.
i love busy life,but i don't like not having lots of time 4 u guys.
Someday,just remember,if we hardly have time together,it's not because i don't want to.i'm just too busy n sometimes too sick. =)

Charlie's Angel said...

Fisah: harharhar alhamdulillah mekasih. kalau Allah izinkan, kekallah kami :D
Aida: we all understood. just do what you have to do. :)