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Sunday, September 2, 2012


True indeed - we will embark on different journeys, someday.

It could be a search for success.
Or for everlasting bliss.
Or to pull oneself back together.
Or maybe one that leads to the hereafter.

Simply put, this bond we have
it won't last forever.

I could tell a tale of how I used to have someone
I hold so dear in my heart, once upon a time
the one everyone loved and hated
the one they see as kind
but at the same time, excruciatingly foul
but in the end
it ended.

Or one about my silent prayer when I was 10, or 11
a prayer, to find someone I could call a brother
and how I found not one, but TWO, here
one I looked up to as an older brother
even though he is one year my junior
and another one that I consider as my baby brother
when in truth, we are only 4 months apart.
I could tell you what I understand about them
and how much they mean to me
but I know, and understand well
how this, too, would not last forever.

Or maybe about the angel who loved me relentlessly -
my mother
who took me in
despite my flaws and mistakes
and I knew, when she leaves
no one could give love to me
as much, and as kindly as she does.

Everything I love
will either die in time
or be destroyed against their will.

I know.

But I hope, when we have to leave
we would bid farewell to each other
without a single hint of regret in our hearts.
How we would have done this and that.
Or do this better, or do that less.

My dears,
you are annoying as fak.
you are a pain in the ass.
you and your temper
and your trolls, and mood swings.
and your habits that sometimes I just can't comprehend.
you know, the things you do that make me go wadefak.

But I know I'll miss that so much
when I don't see that anymore.

So while I'm still here, and still have you within my grasp
I'll try my best to put up with every syit you put me through
to stay calm when you tick me off
and be there when you're not.. you.
and show you how much I love you
how much I care
and smack/pinch/strangle you, just for the fun of it

because I know, 'we' don't have forever.

Lagipun, bila lagi nak bermanja kan kan kan.
Lepas ni semua kerja, kahwin, beranak, bercucu, bercicit.

That way, I'll live an epic life
and let it be filled with stories - mine, yours, ours
stories worth telling my kids.
and grandkids.
and great grandkids if I'll actually live that long.

While I still have the chance
I'll make sure you know
you really mean that much to me
and that I'm such a lucky person and totally grateful
that I have the godsend honor of meeting and knowing you.

3 hello(s):

Anonymous said...

hamboi hamboi

Sayidah Nafisah Ruslan said...

sweetnye.. lucky you :)

Charlie's Angel said...

Didi: mmmeheheh biasaaaa
Fisah: alhamdulillah, diberi peluang :)