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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Phase two.

I saw this on facebook
and intuitively hit share.
Naturally it reminded me of my father
one I would call king of four princesses HAHAHA.
I LOLed because I hardly act like a princess, but yeah..
.. he's my dad.

So, Papa
this is the second phase of my life in which
you are not in the picture.
Again, I pictured you driving me to and fro
the campus, just because you can, or you're bored.
It's not you to talk much;
you mostly ask.. things I deem practical questions.
My classes, where I eat, where I go to buy stuffs.
Those kind of stuffs.

I know it's been 3 years.
I know I should have been better than I was.
My friends said so, but..

I just hope you're okay wherever you are.

I hope my prayers reach out for you,
don't know if it's enough, but
I sure pray it does;
because I have nothing else to give you.

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