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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dude. WTH?

I really just don't fucking get it. Why, you gay pussy, why why WHY?

I frankly don't know where the hell should I start. Well, I'll just start at wherever my thoughts landed on.

On a regularly boring net-browsing hour, I was hitting 'Home' for the 16th time, waiting for updates. Then I saw San's status, 'saw that creature, better cabut! go offline :P'

Well, I've seen this status for so many times. Not everyone had a blast on the same day, right? But somehow, I clicked on the 'comments' button. Alas, I shouldn't have. FML. Just.. FMFL.

Sicko, San, and Sun commented on it. It's the typical kind - sarcasm, cheerful insults, jokes - all that stuff we do out of reflex. :)
Everything looks fine until I saw Sun mentioned my name.. in a sentence that's enough to make me long for a chance to blow this guy up.

Sun has the rep to make jokes, and not all his jokes are charming. Most of those jokes.. are on me. Well, I don't know he gave a similar treatment to anyone.. but this shit is fucking sick.

I've never BSed anything about this guy to anyone, and now, this? WTH, you fucktard pussy!

2 hello(s):

Josey said...

Dude?? i finally got time to read ur blog.. what happened? I know this is late.. but hey missing you and wondering if ur ok :) who's this effed up guy ah?

Endorphins said...

sori 4 super late reply.. ugh, my classmate. his habits r sometimes unbearable. been dealing with dat 4 years. we're ok now.. but well, our guard is up this time. :/