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Friday, November 26, 2010

If you really knew me, you would know that I..

.. have so many things to say. I can't let it out ANYWHERE 'coz if I put it here, I'm [possibly] opening up to absolute strangers.. and ironically, to me.. opening up is a painful process. The tear-jerking thing. Hah haa.

If I write it on a piece of paper, my mum WILL find out - I don't want her to - she worrying 'bout me is really not gonna help me in any way.

If I put it on facebook, gosh.. EVERYONE I know [and some, I wish I didn't befriend] is on facebook. Even my mum. So much for privacy.

If I open up to you, I'll bore you to death. I'm sentimental by nature, *sigh* ;]

Well, at least I got the prologue outta my system.


That said, what we know of each other is really just a tip of the iceberg.

Inspired by 'If You Really Knew Me' by MTV.


2 hello(s):

Josey said...

Aww doode.. you know i'm always here for ya :) need to let of steam or anything i'm just a message away. ^_^ owh and did you make those pics urself? cuz they're good :D

MidNight said...

sorry dude, juz opened this one today. and u r always a message away. ;)

no the pic is off the net, but i added the words myself. :)