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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Allah SWT is All-Knowing, and he knows best, love.

Assalamualaikum, love.

You're nasty. Foul. Egoistic, even.
But I have to admit, when I received your unexpected texts
giving me support, trying to push me forward
I'm the happiest girl on Earth, words just can't describe.
I was like a giddy schoolgirl
smiling and laughing non-stop. Excited sangat. XD
Everytime I study, I would stop for a minute
and just read the texts. Again and again.
I thank Allah for bringing us together.

My only prayer.. is that someday
you won't hide just how much you care.
It's even hard for you to admit that you do care, because of your ego.
And truth be told, 10 months is just too long.
But I can never hate you, or judge you
because jerk or not, everyone has a story, right?
I know there are some stories you held back from me, and it's okay
because I hold things back too.

This doesn't mean that this is the end.
It's a beginning for both you and me - maybe just not with each other.
You'll be with the woman who will love you, understand you and appreciate you
better than I do.
And me with the man who will look deeper through
my craziness, unpredictability and occasional still expressions.
It hurts me that this can't be worked out. Seriously it did.
But I always have faith that Allah SWT knows what's best for us.
No matter how horrible this appears
He indeed knows best, there's no denying that.
If things are meant to be, we'll cross paths again.
But if we don't we both know where we stand, love.

No matter what, please treasure our memories and never ever think
that I hate you, or that I don't care.
Let's both change for the better, you and I.
We're not perfect, remember?
So there's no reason to act like we are.
Every feeling I have for you is always sincere. I love you.


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