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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just another post.

Ok, word is that my sis MIGHT be going to UK this Friday for a job. Don't know what job, tho.. however it's gonna be quite a rush for her.. since she said - last week - she should leave in 2 weeks time. So technically, she shoulda start packing by next week, not this week. Rush much?

Hmm.. Mum's gonna be bummed. I can almost imagine her saying, "looks like there's only the two of now."
As much as I hate the way she said it - like, well.. a bad thing, when we could still find a way to overlook that - it's true.. and it sucks. I just hope she won't weep.. 'cause if she does, I won't be much help since I'm NOT the persuasive type.

But I'm sure she won't.. now that she has dozens of books to read. Then she'll read it again and again. Distraction, as I hoped, worked well when anything goes wrong. Not that I'm intending to say that escaping a problem is good.. just that it's nice to take a breather for a while and later face it when one thinks s/he is ready.

Speaking of books, I just bought Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Novels and Stories Volume 1. It's brilliant.. tho I had to a super thick dictionary with me. I have a thing for movies that are based on novels. Or rather.. novels that are made into movies. Like last time I watched Percy Jackson, I looked for the book and found it. Then I read it. Pretty nice.. could've been better had the author refrain from repeating the what, who, how and why of everything at the first couple of pages of the story.

Now I'm still looking for How to Train Your Dragon series. Might look Diary of A Wimpy Kid while I'm at it.

By the way, I found TwiLite.. where Bella Swan is, I think.. Stella Crow. Didn't buy it. But will look for it on the net. :)

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