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Friday, October 15, 2010

My fingers is pretty sore..

On Saturday, my sister flew to UK. Surrey, to be exact. Like I said earlier, it's for a job. Which I'm far from knowing.. or wanting to know. And that same night, I bought The Complete Series of Sherlock Holmes Volume 2. YAY. I've been hunting for that book.. only that I didn't expect to find it at the airport, the least of my expectations a place I'd never thought of looking.. and then I prayed, for my own good, that I'll use my PLKN savings for something super important. Like paying the bills for my college entrance. Or some freak injury on the leg - a sprained ankle, which is almost second nature.

The next day, my mum and I went to Giant then I saw a guitar then she saw me seeing the guitar then she got the hint. Then I said I wanna buy it then (I don't remember THIS part) then I told her, "you pay for it now then I'll pay you back," then she said "fine" then we take the guitar and tested it then.. to the trolley it goes. Until she thought, might as well get something that's of quality at an actual music shop. We dropped the guitar at some random place, after which we went to buy some cooking stuff and later to IOI.. at Clavi, where I found the one I wanted. The guy who handled the purchase is real charming. Mum says he's good at marketing. I say he's kinda cute  ;P

And so the money is used to pay for the guitar. Yes, it is indeed a matter of little importance..

D is easy peasy. G? Sure I can do that. It's the C I've got trouble with. Damned fingers.. they bring 'fat fingers' a whole new meaning..

Have you heard Joy Electric's Decode? I did. I was shivering with.. (insert adjective here). It sounded like some gay (by that I meant sissy pussy, not the community, thanks) singing + nasty beat. I was like, "what the shit is this?" I was half-hoping for something that sounds like 3OH!3 stuffs or even Ministry of Sound annuals. How am I wrong.

Dude. You're sick. Get well soon.

I've got an important appointment on Sat.. can't tell what, might get jinxed (weird much?). Wish me luck anyway ;)

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