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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Talk about regrets. Ugh!

To tell the truth, I'm bummed like crazy when it came to me that I never went to that paramore concert. I mean, how many friggin' times in one's lifetime that ANY band would ever perform at Malaysia.. again?

It's once-in-a-lifetime thing. And (probably, as always) I chose to blew it, wtf =="

I did the same thing to the MCR concert, s***.

Paramore is really awesome when it comes to jamming onstage. WHY? Well, go to YouTube and type Final Riot.. ESPECIALLY 'Let The Flames Begin' and 'We Are Broken'. These two are crazy amazing. And I missed THE concert I was dying to go. *bangs head to the keyboard*

Can't help feeling my youth's so wasted. God.. =="

Anyway, it got me thinking - WHAT IF.. I repeat the same stuff again and again if, God willing, I get to college? As if by reflex.. my brain and my heart said in unison.. "Your life will be shamefully boring."

How interesting.. for once, my brain AND my heart are at the same page. NAIS :)

Well, that said, I wonder.. when will the day - where everything would go totally unpredictable, and no longer the same old cycle of routines - ever come?

'Cause I'm dying to live. :/

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