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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happenings within the heart :)))

Someone just made my heart flutter.
A bit. Just a bit.
He's kinda nice to look at.
He's decent.
He's average.
He's pretty smart. Well, a girl can hope. ;)

 Above all.. he looks kinda cute when he smiles.
(Gosh, who doesn't, for God's sake?)

I have my attention on him before the night I became a waitress. :p
(Some might actually get a hint there)
There's something diff that night, tho.
Not sure what.
But I gripped my heart close to my chest.
Not willing to fall for him too soon.
Partly because I'm not sure he felt the same.
And also because I'm not ready to be so open just yet.
 To be held in a relationship.
To be vulnerable in front of someone.

But the sight of him..
.. actually made me react differently than what I am.. and used to be.

Not yet. Not yet.
Too soon.

But I'll enjoy the view anyway. ;)

Estrella - Ternyata.mp3

Hahah, jiwang aku malam ni!

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