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Monday, March 7, 2011


I've got really sweet friends.

Who I ignore when I have facebook in my hands. XD

Anyway, I'll begin with the typical line - they're the craziest bunch of people around.
I don't know what to say about them - or rather, where to begin - but I can safely say I care for them.
They take me in for who I am. We stick together thru thick and thin.
We try to help each other to succeed [and escape trouble and 'boredom' when necessary].
I hope, by His grace, this friendship will benefit us in many ways.. even if it doesn't last forever. ;)
I'm crushing on a guy. Hahah, he's only a little taller than me, helplessly reckless when it comes to finishing assignments, and quite [extremely] shy. Oh, and he supports MU. XD
But he's the nicest person around. He helped me thru my problems with my friends. He changed my view on life at times. He has [really] good humour [because he's crazy]. And sometimes.. he's quite a prankster. :D

Well, he's [kinda] nice to look at. But not nice to touch - he's quite religious. No matter, no matter - if, by God's will, we ended up together, at least I know he won't look for other girls. And even if we don't, it's refreshing to have someone who has a grip on his or herself.. and lucky the girl who wins his heart. :D

It dawned on me then that nothing - again, NOTHING - lasts forever. It'll end at some point. It somehow does.
But I'll stop at nothing to make sure it ends with a bang. XD
And that WE managed to leave a mark that will be glued in our minds.. long enough to keep it and talk about it later to our grandchildren.

I love the feeling I get when I get back into my room - that I had the chance to have a blast with my buds. It's all thanks to Him.. and to them. :)

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