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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Observation: That bunch of guys.

Just a little reminder..

..I'm not sexist or anything.
Just voicing out my opinion.

I mean,
whatever you're going to read down here.. may not actually apply to ALL guys.
Huh, whatevs.


They keep it clear.
If they hate you, they'll make sure you know about it.
If they like you, they'll let you know. In their own way. ;)
That way, no emotional turmoil. No lies. No drama. Just simple truth, pain and forgiveness.


They look out for their friends.
(yeah, I know girls look out for their friends too.. only in a more.. say, sensible way.)
Some fugly dude beat you?
Tell daddy, he'll beat him up so bad, he'll sing soprano for the rest of the week.
Some gangsta acted like he owned the world.. and you?
Tell 'em, man - that gangsta will think twice next time.
Sucky job? Your girl left you?
Call them - and they'll take you out for a chat.


They actually bond.
(yeah, girls bond too.. but honestly, when is the last time you saw a girl smiled at another JUST LIKE THAT?)
This, of all traits I've ever seen in guys, is the one I respect the most.
I've seen this then at PLKN.
I really respect the way they solve problems.
 They gather up, and discuss.
All the truth came out. No lies - it's just a waste of time.
Even now in campus.
My bunch of male classmates.
The bunch that can go, "whaddup, man?" to any guy of any age.
Girls? Full of curiousity and scrutiny. XD
As it stands.. girls will always be girls.
If bonding is THIS SIMPLE, I'll smile till my cheeks hurt.

When they want something,
Be it a girl, a trophy, an exam result slip that says straight As, even a way out of trouble.
The last one makes this trait sound sinister..
.. but hey, what's not to like about blind determination?


Some guys actually know how to use their brains.
(if some girls learn how to use it for once in their lives, there'll be peace. REAL peace.)
They stop.. and think.
They don't waste time worrying.
They just look for a way out of a problem.
They don't waste time on anything they don't care about.
And on anyone who doesn't care about them.

----------- * ------------

Hey girls, I'm not prejudiced. Like I said, it's an observation.
You wanna hate me for it?
Hahah, be my guest. As if you know a shit about me. XD
Try to learn from these guys and understand why are they so laid back.
Just try it. Save the drama. :D
Like everyone else.. we just wanna come and go in peace.

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