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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Allah's love.. in plain sight, overlooked.

All of us, you and me
must have dealt with a few troubles here and there
or maybe, you're in one at the moment.

We would think that it was out of our control
when in truth
everything that happens is, in part, our mistake.

We would think this could be the end
as if we just met a dead-end
with no way out, no way to turn back.

But above all
we feel powerless.
Which, we are.

With Him, there is strength.
With Him, there is wisdom.
With Him, there is love.

His love that we often overlook
when it is right there in plain sight.

Often, when we tell to our friends or family our problems
We always hear this
"Allah tidak akan menurunkan sesuatu dugaan yang melebihi kemampuan hambaNya."

Apart from the obvious
it is a sign that He, too, have faith in us
even when we lose faith in ourselves.
 He believed we could face the world and its challenges
  because it is within our capabilities.
Just long as we remember to remember Him
and do what we can to fix it
and sit back.. and leave it to His power
and have faith.

And I certainly have a fair share of trouble.
My pointers hit rock bottom. Worst fears confirmed.
I wanted to resign as a commander. Eventhough I've come to love this, slowly
I loved every Wednesday and the juniors I met.
The company.
7 people told me I should just quit.
And to tell you the truth, with the ridiculous things I've witnessed
it's such a tempting offer.

But 2 people - yes, just 2
One is my classmate, a close friend
The other is also a close friend, but in another campus.
Both told me to hold on.
I'm already lost
Which path should I follow?
Should I be stronger and try harder
or stay down and move on with my studies?

My classmate, he admitted he hated commanders.
So I was half-expecting he would welcome it.
I told him, my mother's voice over the phone on the first week of Ramadhan
broke my heart.
But his question caught me off-guard.
"Nape tetibe nak mengalah plak ni?"
"Mungkin skang ni ko dengar sore die sebak.
Tapi cube ko bayangkan sore die bile kau berjaya nanti."

The other one? Well he sent me 4 SMSes.
Telling me I'm not his friend if I quit, and that he's doing just fine
eventhough he has to repeat for one paper.
(which, by the way, sucks.. since he already gloriously earned 3 A+)
Told me to be cool, focus on my papers
and think it over (again) once I'm done.

The 2 of them have faith in me.
Allah SWT have faith in me.
But have I?
All I know.. is that either way, it's not going to be easy.

I don't know if I'm actually staying.
I don't know if I'll leave.
But I'm sure, that being a commander
it must be a blessing in disguise.
There must be something here, that He wants to give me.
Only that.. I don't know what it is.

But Allah SWT certainly has a plan for all of us.
For you, and for me.

Allah SWT always knows best, and I have faith in Him.

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