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Saturday, October 8, 2011

You. Me. Him. And a trip together. I HOPE :)

Yesterday night
was one of the best nights I've ever had.

There I was, with one of my dearest best friends
at NR, hanging out.
It was the usual. We laughed. We shared stories.
We shared the same pain, happiness, hope.. and a favourite band :)
Everything was perfect.
It felt like nothing can spoil our time together.
Nothing could get in the way.

Until he said

"This is our last night together. I'm probably getting dismissed.
You won't see me again next semester."

My face changed.
My heart broke.
Another one is leaving me here.

The only one who felt just what I felt
when the others.. were probably trying hard to pretend, and feel otherwise.

I was sad. Angry.
I can't believe it has to come to this.
Yet another farewell.
Yet another teardrop.

Do you remember what they say about first-times?
There's always first time in everything.
First cut is the deepest.
And yesterday.. was the first time I've ever said
"till we meet again.. goodbye."

The effect?
I cried all the way to the block. Sat somewhere and repeat. And then
2 hours of walking around the campus.. at midnight.
But thinking about how kinda boring it would be without him
No one to share my stories with
Share my feelings
Walking around like that.. nothing to fear.
Too occupied to even care.

So my only hope
is that we'll meet again this November
at Melaka, where our crazy awesome dearest buddy lives. InsyaAllah ;)
You promised! :D

Then there will be just the three of us
the world
and our laughter
captured in our memories and our hearts.

So till then
When you listen to the Fray

(klik gamba! serius ni!)

(klik gamba ni gak!)

Remember me. :)

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