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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SEBARKANLAH: y u no live in peace?!

Now we share the same bright sun,
The same round moon
Why don’t we share the same love?
Tell me why not
Life is shorter than most have thought
Hold my hand
There are many ways to do it right
Hold my hand
Turn around and see what we have left behind
Hold my hand my friend
We can save the good spirit of me and you
For another chance
And let’s pray for a beautiful world
A beautiful world I share with you

Retrieved from here:
Islam is derived from the Arabic root Salema
peace, purity, submission, and obedience.

Islam is a religion where there is no place for violence and agony.
it is pure; untainted by the imperfections of His creations
eternity and perfection belongs to Him, and only Him alone.
we, His subjects, put our best efforts in everything we do
and later leave everything to His power - to submit to Him.
We obey Him, Our Lord.. and only Him.
We came from Him, He sustained us with His gifts.. and it is to Him we will return.

Ni ape ni? Begini ke care nak idop aman?

Islam means peace.
And we must - and we will - coexist, love and aid each other in peace.