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Monday, November 12, 2012

My guardian angel.

Your blood will flow in my veins
until the end of me.

I will contain your strength in my body
until there is no more left.

Your smile, I would wear on my face
as something that I can share.

I will forever remember your hands
that has for many times held mine.

Your kindness, I will follow suit
for as long as I shall live.

Your patience, I will try to practice
just like how you have been patient with us.

Your silent wisdom, I will try to achieve
by reading, just like how you have taught us since we were young.

I could find a thousand substitutes to you;
but no one could ever replace you.

However, if Allah has set that I will find
someone like you
on the face of the earth,
therefore, Papa,

my life might just be perfect again.

If I could find a mirror of you,
I might have just found my guardian angel;
because you are the only one I could trust
to protect me.

I wish, I pray,
whoever I might love someday
be it as a friend, as a family, or as a forever after
they would be just like you.

You, Papa,
my guardian angel.

what could have been your


2 hello(s):

Sayidah Nafisah Ruslan said...

happy birthday syah's papa. moga dia sentiasa bersama dengan orang2 yang diberkati allah :)

Charlie's Angel said...

aamiiin :)